Eye Tracker Manager

The Eye Tracker Manager (ETM) is an independent tool that can be handy to use when developing eye tracking applications. With the ETM you can browse and change settings, as well as perform calibrations, on all screen based eye trackers* compatible with the Pro SDK as well as update the firmware on some eye tracker models. The ETM can also be used to troubleshoot your own application for connection errors since if the ETM can find and interact with an eye tracker, then the SDK should be able to do the same.

* Note: HMD eye trackers are currently not supported by Eye Tracker Manager.


The Pro SDK is complemented by the Eye Tracker Manager application (ETM), which helps you manage your eye tracker(s). ETM can be run on Windows, MacOS or Linux, and supports all (modern) Tobii Pro screen based eye trackers. You can use ETM to show all eye trackers connected to your computer, via network as well as via USB.
For each detected eye tracker you can view information about of the eye tracker and modify settings. In addition to that, you can also update the firmware of select eye trackers**, and troubleshoot potential issues.

Eye Tracker Manager can be started with optional command line arguments, thus enabling you to customize it's behavior. Read more about this functionality on the SDK Integration page.

** Note: FW upgrade is only supported for Tobii Pro Spectrum. If you need to upgrade an older model, please use the old Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Browser application.

User manual

Download the user manual for Eye Tracker Manager here .

Installing the Eye Tracker Manager

Download the installer from here . Make sure to select the correct installation package for your operating system!
Note: The installers for Linux and MacOS requires adminstrator privilegies.