Open source add-ons

To make Tobii Pro SDK even easier to work with, some of the more common user scenarios have been implemented as optional add-ons that can be downloaded or copied and used in your code. The add-ons are all open source and hosted on GitHub so the code is available in its entirety, and anyone is free to contribute with suggestions and changes. Read more about the available add-ons below and where to find them.

Calibration validation

When performing an eye tracking study, it can be very useful to perform a validation of the estimated performance after the calibration. This step is often referred to as Calibration validation. The common procedure for doing a Calibration validation is to show a new set of stimuli points to the participant, collect gaze data during the stimuli presentation, and calculate values for accuracy and precision based on the gaze data's position in relation to the stimuli point (which the participant was expected to look at). The add-on includes all necessary functions for collecting gaze data and calculating the performance results. The only thing left to you is presenting the stimuli points (the method of doing this depends greatly on the presentation framework used).

Add-ons on GitHub