Supported platforms and languages

The Tobii Pro SDK is developed to be used on multiple platforms. However, it is only guaranteed to work on certain versions of the platforms and some languages (bindings) are for different reasons not available across all platforms.

Supported platforms

Below is listed the versions of different operating systems we guarantee the current SDK version will work with. It will most likely work with other versions as well, but these are the only versions on which we can guarantee that it will work due to extensive testing being performed by us before release.

Windows 64 bit Linux 64 bit macOS
Supported versions 8 and 10 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS * 10.15
* Requires that avahi-daemon is installed and running.

Supported languages

The languages listed below are supported by the given platforms on the condition the versions of the platforms corresponds to the table above.

.NET Standard 2.0 Python 3.8 Matlab Octave C Unity 2018.1
Windows Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Yes Yes
macOS No Yes Yes* Yes* Yes No
Linux No Yes Yes* Yes* Yes No

.Net Standard 2.0 support .Net Framework 4.6.1 and later, .Net Core 2.0 and later, .Net5.

* The binding may work across all versions of Matlab and Octave available at the time of the latest SDK release however, the binding is tested only on the following versions: Matlab (R2016a for Windows, R2021a for macOS and Linux) Octave (4.2.2 for Windows, 5.2.0 for Linux, 6.2.0 for macOS)